Bar Stools

Shopping for the Right Bar Stools

Have a home or business that is in need of some bar stools? Bar stools are a fantastic addition to any home or business, and go well at bars, kitchen islands, tables, and many more areas. Choosing the right set of bar stools is very important to have a comfortable experience, as well as having an aesthetically pleasing look. You might be surprised by the sheer variety of style and function you will find in bar stools. Bar stools today are produced for a very wide range of purpose, from simple stools for a home kitchen, to bar stools designed for use in a restaurant. Choosing the right bar stools can be a little tricky, but with the help of this guide, you should have no problem.

The first and most important consideration of all is the height of the bar stool as opposed to the surface it is next to. Take measurements of both the height and length of the surface you intend to place the bar stools next to. Armed with these measurements, you can take a trip to the local furniture store. A photograph of the area you intend to place the stools is also a good idea. This will give you a sense of the style that you are shooting for. To get a good idea of what will work best, take your time and look at the entire inventory that is offered. You will notice that the bar stools vary greatly, with some having backs, or swivel plates, etc.

How much should you pay for a set of bar stools? That depends on the way you intend to use the bar stools. If the bar stools are meant for a business, then they should definitely be of a higher quality construction. Look for bar stools that are metal, with the joints welded together in this case. Metal bar stools with welded joints will hold up to far more punishment than anything that uses screws or has plastic in its construction. For home use, the durability of the bar stools is still an important factor. In this case, you do not need to opt for the most expensive model, but don't go with a cheap import either. The cheaper models of bar stool will tend to fall apart even under occasional use after only a few months.

You must also decide whether to go with a standard stool, or one with a swivel plate. A swivel plate is a good choice for those needing flexibility, such as when you expect to have parties. If the bar stools are in a central area, swivel plates will allow the users to face the focus of conversation wherever it might be. A good set of swivel bar stools might cost more, but this is probably worth it if the stools are in a more open area. If the bar stools are to be placed outdoors, go with metal. Wood bar stools will tend to crack and fall apart if they are placed outside where temperature can vary greatly.

Choosing the right bar stools can take a little research and care, but the time is definitely worth it. The right bar stools can give a room a great atmosphere. Just remember, the height of the bar stools is probably the most important measurement to get right. The style of the stools is important, but without the right height, they will be awkward and inconvenient.